For years I bought into the advice of the established medical community when it came to treating my multiple sclerosis symptoms.  Every couple of years a new drug would come to market with more benefits and supposedly fewer side effects.  Some worked well and others didn’t.  Each time though there was a shock to my system as my body adjusted.

I knew there had to be a better way to live.  That’s when I started doing research into alternative methods of treating MS symptoms.  One thing that immediately popped up was an alternative diet called the Paleo Diet.

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Besides being physically and mentally debilitating, multiple sclerosis is also a significant financial burden.  In years past it was relatively easy to find coverage that helps to offset all of these costs. There were a variety of insurance plans from a number of national providers that were tailored to those with MS.

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In the early stages of learning that you have a life threatening disease it can be difficult see beyond the dark cloud that often descends upon us.  The sooner you can break this spell of depression the better your life will be.

One of my biggest passions in life has always been travel.  The feeling of visiting a place for the very first time is something to which I quickly became addicted.

My first experience abroad was to Italy in 1998.  Every day was spent exploring the hilltop towns of Tuscany.  But the best part was waking up early and ‘living’ amongst the locals as they went about their morning routines.

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Getting your own credit card is its own rite of passage. Like any tool, it can be used well or it can be used poorly. Credit cards are very easy to use to buy things, but it’s not so easy to pay off the debt. After a surprisingly short time, you can find yourself in a lot of debt if you are not careful. You can end up paying a lot of money in interest and fees. These tips will help you manage your credit cards to avoid getting into that situation in the first place.

Don’t worry if you have a lot of credit card debt. With the proper discipline and advice you can pay down the debt over time. If worse comes to worst, you may need the services of a bankruptcy attorney to represent you in bankruptcy proceedings such as this one in Corning, New York. Declaring bankruptcy has its own issues, but it may be a viable option for you. There may be unforeseen circumstances that force you to spend more money than you have available. Remember that you are not alone. A lot of people in the United States carry credit card debt.

The first tip is to always remember is to always be aware of the money you have available. If you don’t have enough money to pay off the credit card bill each month, you should really think about whether you need to make the purchase at all. You will need to discipline yourself and your spending habits in order to control the debt.

Second, leave your credit card at home and only use it in dire emergencies. After all, if it is not in your wallet or purse, you don’t even have to think about using it.

Third, keep in mind that there are huge consequences of having credit card debt that you can’t pay. One of these consequences is that your credit score will also suffer. If you have bad credit, you will find that many doors are closed to you. You may be required to pay a deposit up front when setting up utilities such as electricity or when you sign a cell phone contract.

Another issue with bad credit is that you may have a hard time finding a place to rent. Most landlords will check your credit history as a part of the lease application. You will probably end up paying more of a deposit than someone with good credit since you may have to pay the first and last month’s rent as a deposit in order to move in.

A side effect of using your credit cards wisely is that you should be able to save money. I don’t need to explain to you that having money in your bank account for emergencies is a good thing. Plus, you will feel good about yourself.

Hopefully, I have taught you enough about how to manage your credit card properly so that you don’t get into trouble in the future. If you start off using your credit cards wisely, you can avoid all the headaches of getting into unnecessary debt.

One of the most important things to remember, particularly if you are suffering from a serious illness or disease of any kind (as I am), is that it’s important to treat yourself once in a while. I think those of us who have survived or live with a serious health condition understand this better than most. Prior to my diagnosis, I was always a very careful spender – a penny pincher, if you will. I always had the idea that I would save up as much as possible so I could enjoy my later years. Now that I’ve been diagnosed with my type of MS, and knowing that my Relapsing Remitting MS could turn into the fatal Secondary Progressive form of MS at any time, I’ve learnt to just try and enjoy life rather than worrying too much about money.

Obviously, I’m not encouraging anyone to spend irresponsibly – people should always try to live within their means. In my situation though, it’s equally important to understand that money is only a means to an end – not an end in itself. So you shouldn’t feel guilty if you want to treat yourself to something nice once in a while. People in similar circumstances to myself will understand this, but for those of you who aren’t suffering from a potentially life threatening illness, it’s an important lesson to take to heart. Spend within your means, but when you do spend, you shouldn’t feel bad about it – and every once in a while it’s not a crime to buy something nice for yourself.

So, basically that entire introduction was my own justification for my latest jewelry purchase. One of my friends is really into crystal healing, and while I don’t really buy into any of this pseudoscience stuff, I was planning to buy myself a new piece of jewelry anyways. If I could buy myself a necklace that contained a gemstone that can supposedly be helpful to my condition, it wouldn’t hurt me to try. I looked around online and found the infographic at the top of this post (image credit to the site: Semi Precious Stones Guide). It has a really good overview of the various gemstones that can be used for jewelry. I also talked about it with my friend and she said that I should think about buying something of the Quartz variety.

I decided to buy an Amethyst pendant necklace on Etsy. I’m a big fan of purple anyways, so I hit two birds with one stone. The purchase set me back about $700, but I’m incredibly happy with my choice – the necklace just got shipped to me and it’s really a remarkably beautiful piece. Obviously those of you who follow this blog know that I’m something of a fashion hound. There is a small ring that links the necklace chain to the amethyst, and this ring is made of 18k gold encrusted with 7 small diamonds. The amethyst itself is also pretty stunning.

So, girls (and guys I suppose) – life is short. If you haven’t treated yourself to anything nice lately, go out and splurge on something awesome, something that you’ll really treasure. If you’ve been following this blog at all, the one thing you’ve probably taken away from it is that you never know what’s going to happen to you in life. The best you can do is to try and lead a happy and fulfilling life – and if a special jewelry purchase one in a while puts a smile on your face as it does mine, you shouldn’t feel guilty about going for it.

When I was first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I thought it was the end of the world. If it wasn't bad enough that I had to deal with the symptoms day in day out, I was suddenly faced with the possibility that I may one day in the very near future lose my ability to control my limbs altogether. I have never been more afraid of the future than at that particular moment.

In the weeks that followed, I became very depressed. I felt like everything that I have ever dreamed of and worked so hard to achieve has been crushed to dust. I didn't have the willpower to continue living so when my parents told me that they were taking me back home with them to Atlanta, I didn't put up a fight. I quit my job and left the city I called home for my entire adult life.

When I got back to my hometown, I pretty much cut myself away from the world. I refused to accept visitors and would decline any invitation to meet up with my childhood friends. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I was inflicted with a disease that not only would lead to the deterioration  of my bodily functions, it also had no cure. All I kept thinking about was how unfair life was and how I have never done anything to deserve such a punishment. At some point, I even believed that cancer patients had an advantage over those afflicted with multiple sclerosis because they at least had the chance to fight. Of course, I take that back now that I know that there's life after being diagnosed with MS.

The turning point for me was when my best friend  and neighbor Christine came back from her extended trip abroad and threatened to hack off my bedroom door with an axe if I didn't let her in. I knew that she would actually do it so I opened my door. Unlike the other people who knew that I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Christine didn't show an ounce of pity when she saw me. Instead, she berated me for thinking that just because I was sick I had the perfect excuse to hole up in my bedroom and wait to die. After hours of crying, talking, and some more crying, I promised her that I would get my act back together starting tomorrow.

To cut the long story short, I went into extreme makeover mode in the following weeks. I got my unevenly spaced teeth fixed by a cosmetic dentist who specializes in veneers in Atlanta. Initially, I only wanted composite veneers but when he told me that porcelain veneers in Atlanta (click here to learn more about them) are relatively cheaper in the long term, I decided to go for it. Aside from getting a Close Up smile, I also overhauled my wardrobe. Hey, if I was going to be sick I should at least do it in style.

After all of that was done, I was finally ready to go back to my doctor's office so we could figure out my treatment plan. As it turned out, I could actually live a very normal life despite my disease so I went on a quest to do just that. Today, I am once again living in my own apartment which is only 10 minutes away from my parents house. Instead of going back to the world of employment, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming my own boss so I put up a small business in our area. 

Communication with the outside world is something all of us crave, no matter how mobile we are or not. Over the past few months I have been testing some gadgets that I would never have thought of using. For today I want to focus on two of those which have really improved things a lot.

Using a cell phone or smartphone while I’m out of the house is becoming more difficult as the mobility and dexterity of my hands diminishes. This has been very frustrating until a friend of mine suggested that I simply get a 3G enabled iPad and use Skype or some other VoIP service for phone calls. I could also use it for web browsing and email, as the keypad is large enough by default.

There are also some great built in features for easier accessibility, which I am still experimenting with a bit. But so far it is really good. I can use headphones for privacy and with the large screen and keypad I find it a lot easier to send messages and actually dial the correct numbers.

I can even get incoming calls either through Skype or through FaceTime, which is really great. While I do tend to use a lot of mobile data, I have got a great contract with ATT and my costs are really not that high. One trick is to also look out for free Wi-Fi which is available almost on every corner. So if I know I want to have a longer FaceTime chat I simply look for some free Wi-Fi.

A similar problem I have faced at home with my Panasonic home phone. The buttons are quite small and menus difficult to navigate. I still use the home phone a lot because I have friends and family overseas and I like staying in touch with them other than just by email.

I was looking for some sort of solution and while I was doing my research I came across the site For the most part the phones they review are not really that suitable for what I needed. But then I saw their recommendations in the cordless phone for seniors section. And then it clicked; what I needed was large buttons and an easy to navigate screen. And they had some really good suggestions. I went for the Clarity model and so far I am really happy. It was easy to set up and the buttons are much larger, so they make it easier to find the right contact or key in the correct number.

At the moment I think I have my communications problems mitigated and I can stay in touch with all of you out there. This whole experience has led me to start looking into other technologies that might make life easier for me and others in similar situations. What I would like to hear from my readers is any suggestions you might have, especially ones that have really made a difference. These can be high-tech or low-tech. As long as they have made an improvement, that’s great.

One of my best friends, Katie, has been trying to convince me to do more fitness, and I don’t mean just any run-of-the-mill gym class, but the latest fitness craze called CrossFit.

The official CrossFit website describes its workouts as an efficient way to improve your fitness levels, without having to invest in a huge amount of equipment (see Instead, you could join one of CrossFit’s gyms (Boxes) for a monthly fee. During my research I also found some people referring to CrossFit as a cult for fitness fanatics and others concerned by a number of possible safety issues when trying to conduct the exercises.

With all this in mind, my friend Katie insisted I come along to the next session with her to see firsthand if this is something I could get into on a regular basis.

As we traveled, Katie explained a number of aspects of CrossFit that sets it apart from a standard gym and other training schools.

  1. A WOD – This stands for “workout of the day,” and everyone completes the same workout during the training.
  2. Cross Training – The training is a mixture of weights, cardio, gymnastics and other torture activities designed to work different muscles at every session.

All of this sounds horrid, however I believe fitness is going to play an important role during the next stages of my life and I want to be in the best condition possible. I think it would also be helpful if I have support not just from my friend Katie, but also others at the gym who can give me help and advice along the way.

During my first induction day I met a number of regulars and the owner of the Box, Jason. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, which made my introduction much easier. After speaking with Jason, his advice was to tell the group about my condition, not for sympathy, but so people could understand my limits and give me additional assistance during my sessions.

My first two weeks were difficult. I struggled with the weights and thought some of the activities where beyond my capability, but everyone insisted the majority of people do find it difficult at first, and it has nothing to do with my condition.

Four months later I now feel like an established member of the CrossFit team. I have changed my diet, increased my sessions to three times a week and purchased a custom pair of CrossFit Nano shoes – Click Here.

A number of friends and family think I am doing too much and CrossFit is a step too far, but I think the opposite: CrossFit has given me a fitter body, a more positive outlook and a large number of new friends who want to help me.

I have never been into fitness before now, and I didn’t realize it could be so much fun. If I could give any young person a piece of advice it would be to embrace fitness or a sporting activity, as you get a lot more out than what you put in — trust me.

When you suffer from any type of disease the best thing that you could do for your morale is to continue on with your daily life.

I spend plenty of time at home and I like to be hands on with the cleaning chores. However, being this independed can sometimes result in severe pain when you suffer from multiple sclerosis, especially when your house is as big as mine!

I was recently told by a close friend that I should have a water softener system installed as it would make cleaning easier and quicker. After taking action and buying and installing a salt-based system, I noticed that my friend was indeed correct! Cleaning has become a joy rather than a chore and in this post I will reveal why.

The water which is supplied to our homes allows us to clean whenever we feel  it’s necessary, and depending on the type of water you’re provided with, cleaning tasks may be easier or harder to complete.  You will either have treated water or untreated water running through your pipes, and when it comes to cleaning – using treated water is more advantageous.  Most of the water supply comes into our homes as hard water and for this reason owning a water softener system is more of a necessity rather than a desire.

Ive been documenting some of the changes that i’ve noticed since having a water softener installed:

Soap curd is no longer present – Lets be honest: the use of soaps and detergents cannot be avoided during the cleaning process, but why are we always left with those frustrating soap curds?

Hard water forms soap curd (also known as soap scum) which leaves an ugly mark on surfaces that hold dirt. The objective of cleaning is to ensure that dirt is eliminated and the surfaces remain spotless, so less soap curds mean a cleaner house.

Once a system is softening your water effectively you will notice that soap curds are all but a distant memory of the past!

Preservation of washing equipment – Hard water is full of minerals which corrode fabrics and other common items used for cleaning such as sponges and cloth wipes. Cleaning with corroded equipment takes three times as long and leaves you with an imperfect clean.

Now that Im using soft water to clean, my cleaning equipment seems to be doing a better job and lasting much longer!

Fabric color does not fade – The essence of cleaning is that you leave the white as white can be, and the fabric feeling soft and flexible. This can only be achieved with soft water as hard water minerals tend to stain fabrics and bleed out colours prematurely.


Soft water seems to be taking great care of my fabrics and colors so far.

 ‘Lather’ when cleaning – As I mentioned earlier, soft water reduces lime scale and without lime scale soap is able to form a nice lather easily during cleaning. Soap lather in cleaning water dramatically speeds up the cleaning process and leaves you with a more satisfying clean. Additionally, you will  notice that you will use less of your detergents and soaps while cleaning with soft water compared with hard water.

Cleaner silverware and glassware – The best approach to cleaning silverware and glassware is by using treated water: it rinses off without leaving any dull spots or water marks that are noticeable from a distance. When you use soft water, your dishes are left sparkling and shining like the day you bought them.

As you can see, i’ve been thoroughly enjoying the benefits of my newly installed water softener and cleaning has become faster and more satisfying than it once was. Since my water hardness is extremely high, the plumber recommended a salt-based system, as they are the most effective water softener systems on the market. In finding the right system for me, I visited an online hub called the Water Softener Critic, browsed through some online water softener reviews and had it delivered and installed within a week.

I usually correspond with my sister in Connecticut about once or twice a month, either by phone or by Skype, and we often trade gossip, recipes, and family news. I love to hear her news as it reminds me that life goes on despite my illness, and I was particularly delighted to hear during our last conversation that her two sons, my nephews, have both acquired new jobs.

Davey, the youngest, just finished his electrician’s course and apparently the teacher of the class was so impressed by him that he got his previous construction company to hire him on. I didn’t know much about the job, so I actually phoned Davey to congratulate him and he told me all about it – apparently he works on lots of different projects, both in terms of new buildings and renovations of older preexisting buildings.

Right now he says he is working on a new elementary school nearby, and it sounds like he really enjoys the job. He says that a lot of his work now involves checking the requirements and guidelines of older buildings – fifty to a hundred years ago, many of the safety implements we have now to prevent fires and discharges didn’t exist, so he gets to visit a lot of older homes in the city to check the wiring and replace them. I know his previous job was in retail, so he really appreciates the ability to travel and every job is different and involves a lot of problem solving.

A safe job choice

I was a bit worried about him at first – I know what it likes to be electrocuted, and I had a terrible premonition, but he told me that his job is actually very safe. There is a lot of new training and tools they use to check voltages and wattage, so there is no risk of danger. It was a pleasure to hear the excitement in his voice, and I hope he continues to excel at it!

My other nephew George works as a dialysis technician. Many people end up having trouble with their kidneys, either from injury or from illness, and as a result their kidneys can no longer filter and clean their blood. Instead, many of them go to a dialysis clinic or a hospital where a dialysis machine helps to clean their blood in place of the kidneys. It sounds like a really interesting career choice, and he’s managed to find full-time employment at a small clinic near his apartment. It sounds like an interesting job, and pretty easy, but also one which affects the lives of others in a really positive way, so I’m very proud of him. I don’t know how much dialysis technicians make, but I think that one nephew will now be earning slightly more than the other – Davey says that there is no end to the number of houses and available contracts, so he should be able to make as much money as he wants. As for George, his job is much more stable relatively speaking, but the wage is slightly lower.

I had my first Multiple Sclerosis (MS) episode back in 2005 (the harsh formal diagnosis would soon come later). Naturally, I can always remember it going well.

I remember working long hours that always made me feel overwhelmed, stressed, tired, and depressed. We were just having a new business phone service put in at the office due to our original one being taken out by the hurricanes that year. So that was another thing I had to deal with. Little did I know after all these hurricanes, my body was also dealing with its own storm.

I decided that I needed to take some time off so my partner and I set off to Canada for a week. When I woke up on the first day of our vacation I had numbness in my feet and a few parts on my legs. I felt frozen in bed. I didn’t know what was wrong.

I decided to visit a local doctor in my hometown when we returned from our short break, to see if she could work out what was going on. She was extremely blunt and honest. ‘This could be just a slipped disc or even multiple sclerosis. You need to see a neurologist‘.

Was she crazy? I thought. MS? Isn’t that a disease that puts a person in a wheelchair? Distressed, I took her advice. I quickly booked an appointment and headed out to see a neurologist who offered me a very unpleasant spinal tap. It seemed that I had lesions on both my spine and brain. The spinal tap fluid had shown the protein that neurologists look for in MS patients.

The neurologist put me on a course of steroids to help with my numbness and tingling. He told me it was highly likely that I had multiple sclerosis. An unpredictable, incurable, chronic and possibly disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system and interrupts the stream of information in the brain and from the brain to the body.

I was at the age where most women who have this disease have already been diagnosed. The fact I have now ended up with it is a mystery, and still is. Since being diagnosed, I tried to discover more people to talk to who were also living with MS, like me. It seemed to be the one thing that really kept me going.

Later in 2007, I had now been formally diagnosed after a few mild exacerbations, I soon decided that I wanted to discuss my diagnosis to others and help other people like me who unfortunately had this disease. It was never been my aim to be the poster girl for Multiple Sclerosis, but I the desire to be someone who can help and assist others in identify, and living with the disease.

Nowadays. I’m very happily married and have two beautiful girls. I’ve recently been working full time for the same company now for over a decade. We did eventually get that phone line installed!

I am not lying when I tell you that I’m the happiest I’ve been in so long. I believe a certain part as to why I am so happy is that I quickly learnt almost 10 years ago that life can change so rapidly and without warning.

True, I live with MS. There are constant ongoing reminders that my little immune system isn’t the best, and I know that the illness is unpredictable and can strike at any time. I don’t want others to pity me or feel sorry for me. If I put a face on an illness which can help others who are unfortunately diagnosed too, then my willingness to discuss this disease is all worthwhile.

A traditional dinner date is thought of as a couple meeting for dinner to get to know one another in a romantic atmosphere. Though this may be accurate in some cases, in others, it’s not. The dinner date can come in many forms, requiring different modes of dress or choices of fashion. The atmosphere, time of the date, and company, if any, will factor into the equation when choosing what to wear. Whether it’s a first date, the fiftieth date, or the dreaded blind date, making the right fashion choice is imperative to the date’s success. Begin with the basics:

Be Comfortable

New clothing or shoes may be exciting initially, but the reality of new items means they haven’t been worn enough to be broken in, or to determine what idiosyncrasies the clothes may have. Dress in clothes that are familiar and comfortable. Choose clothes that fit well with shirts that don’t ride up, pants with waistbands that don’t dig into the stomach, and shoes that are sufficiently broken in and won’t pinch the feet.

The outfits should be easy to move around in, not something that should plague your thoughts with potential wardrobe malfunctions, and leave your hands free, because the need to fiddle and smooth the clothing is not present.

Pool Resources

Ask friends for advice on what to wear and don’t be afraid to borrow clothes from friends, providing whatever borrowed fits well and is in good shape. A good friend to handhold through nerves can be a lifesaver, and it’s always a good idea to enlist someone else’s opinion about the fit outfit.

Prepare Mentally

Try to relax and make time for yourself before a big date. This may not apply to a couple that has dated a long while, but an out-of-the-ordinary formal dinner may warrant some extra self-pampering. Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage to combat stress.

Try Not To Look Like Someone Else

Looking good does not mean looking like a stranger. Go easy on the make-up and hair. Let who you are shine through.


A casual dinner date is the most common type of date encountered. It is important that “casual” does not mean sloppy. A person can be casually dressed and still appear put together. Jeans that fit well, paired with a casual shirt (not a t-shirt), and a pair of flats should suit the occasion perfectly.


Some dinner dates maybe include a family get-together. This could be an informal meal at a home or a group outing to a restaurant. Either way, a few rules should always apply:

No Cleavage

This is especially true around the mother of your date. Keep it classy and covered.

Don’t Overdo It

The want to leave a good impression on your date’s family is natural, but do not drag out your most expensive jewelry, most elaborate hairstyle, or prettiest dress. Make the outfit appropriate to the occasion, not beyond it.

Soften The Look

Wear light colors, use a make-up judiciously, and don’t make your hair look severe or over styled. You want to look approachable, not like someone’s boss.


A dressy restaurant date doesn’t require you to wear a dress, but a cocktail dress would work in this instance. A pair of nice slacks and a blouse will suffice. Accessories can certainly make an outfit in this type of setting. High heels are also not necessary. Dressy flats are quite easy to find nowadays. Just be sure to coordinate properly.


“If a dinner is formal, usually a gown in required. Dark colors or white would most likely be the best color choices in this scenario. Make sure the gown is the right size, the length is manageable so tripping won’t be a problem, and, if you must buy new shoes, break them in before the big dinner! There is nothing worse than limping around with sore feed!”Kezia Noble Dating and Relationship Expert

There are certain tips that I would like to recommend to get your boyfriend to get rid of those ugly jeans and ragged t-shirts.  You may get some resistance from your boyfriend, but in the end there are some tips that will help.  Let’s face it, you want to be seen with someone that pays attention to details and looks somewhat put together before you take them over to meet the parents on a weekend trip.  I have put together 5 tips you can follow to help.

1. Try to Understand Your Boyfriend’s Point of View and What He Finds Fashionable

There might be some logic in your boyfriend’s head that gives him reason to purchase the clothing that he does.  In a man’s mind you will find that he dresses from a standpoint of wearing comfortable clothing.  What men may not understand is that they can have comfort and style at the same time.  All men have different body types, so you want to make sure you get clothing that will fit correctly and that he will be comfortable in them.  There is always a balance and you want to ease him into the new clothing.  Turning him on to a men’s website that offer reviews on clothing may help the process!

2. Get a Couple Pieces of Clothing to Warm Him Up

More than likely your boyfriend will not have a desire to change over night so a light nudge will be needed.  Surprising him with a couple items of clothing that you thought he might like is a great idea.  Another great idea is when you are shopping, have him try something on to see how much he likes it.  If it looks good, show positive reinforcement and show him you like it with a kiss.

3. Encourage your Boyfriend with the New Clothing

Once he has tried on the clothing you have selected for him, it is time to offer encouragement.  Tell him how much you love the new outfit and how handsome he looks with the outfit on.  Most men love to please their woman and also look good at the same time.  Make this a win win situation!

4. Time to Take Him to a Place Where He Will Need to Dress Up

Is a special occasion coming up, like an anniversary or party?  If so, let him know in advance that the party you are attending will require dressing up.  If he is struggling, help him put together the outfit but don’t do it for him so he can figure out what looks good together.  Once he has the outfit on compliment him which will help boost his confidence while around friends.  Others will notice his new outfit and compliment him as well which will inspire new actions in the future.

5. Time to Clean Out the Closet Slowly

You don’t want to get rid of his favorite jeans that may have special memories attached to them.  A good first step is going through his closet with him and donating clothing that may be too small or that you have never seen him wear.  Slowly bring in new clothing and replace it with the old so it doesn’t seem like such a dramatic event.  The less abrupt the better!  Having a happy boyfriend and a well dressed one is the perfect balance.

Fashion Advice for Men:

With the progress of my disease, it’s getting somewhat challenging managing the high demands of female grooming. What with the makeup, hair, skin care, hair removal and weight control, it’s hard for any woman to keep up, let alone one diagnosed with MS such as myself. As such, I’ve been exploring ways to reduce the amount of effort and time I need to spend on my appearance. I’m ultimately hoping to maintain the aesthetics of my appearance even during harder moment with the disease. This exploration has really opened up my eyes to the myriad timesaving products there are out there when it comes to beauty! In a way, I’m a little sad I didn’t come across these earlier…I could have saved SO much time!

Right now, I’m really focused on finding some good hair removal methods that are easy and can save me time. I’ve been shaving my whole life. As any woman who shaves knows, it is a very time-consuming activity, which takes quite a bit of dexterity. I was looking for something that required less time and less dexterity.
I considered waxing and epilation, but quickly dismissed them due to the pain. I’m not willing to endure that kind of pain on a monthly basis! Having MS is enough of a pain, after all!

Finally, I landed on something called Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal is permanent removal of hair using intense pulses of light. After reading about it on the Internet, I now remember vaguely hearing about friends of friends who’ve gotten it. They all had different reviews on its efficacy. After doing some research, however, I’m finding that laser hair removal seems to be pretty effective, especially for someone with my skin and hair type.

My first consideration was the pain factor. From my research, the pain is similar to waxing or tweezing, which put me off initially. However, much like unlike waxing or tweezing, Laser Hair Removal would only take around 6 sessions. I felt like it was a worthwhile tradeoff.

Secondly, there was the price aspect. Looking at the prices for Laser Hair Removal, I definitely reeled a bit. Not cheap! However, I guess the price of shavers, shaving creams and the most important price of all, my time, all add up to over time. Laser Hair Removal seemed like a good investment.

I’m excited to finally get rid of the need of shaving nearly everyday, and I will be booking my next session soon. It really feels like I’m taking the first steps towards hair grooming freedom, which is not a small thing! What I’m especially excited to do away with is shaving my underarms! I’ve always despised the activity, but without doing it, but underarms become smelly and uncomfortably itchy. Not to mention that underarms do seem like they would be a hard place to reach on the days when I might have MS episodes.

My only concern is that I’ll have to brave a little pain; but with MS, I guess being brave is something I’ll have to be doing more often ☺.

No matter how old a woman is, getting ready for a first date is unquestionably one of those moments in life when she feels like a teenager again. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to enjoy the excitement of getting ready to go out without obsessing over what to wear?

As every woman knows, when choosing a first-date outfit the intention is to make a positive impression. There are countless articles providing tips on what to wear on the first date, but there is no better way to get the top tips to get a killer outfit for a first date than to go to the source. Here are some great date-approved outfit ideas:

Skinny jeans with a modest top and a low-heel shoe creates a simple outfit guys just love, and it’s pretty easy to see why. There is something especially attractive about a woman wearing her favorite jeans and exuding that remarkable girl-next-door beauty. A low-heel shoe is a great choice since it will provide self-confidence as well as comfort. Let’s face it, the last thing you need on a first date is having uncomfortable shoes divert your attention from your date.

Even though some men generally prefer high heels, men also like having their dates combine a frilly dress with some comfortable canvas shoes. This is a great outfit for active women and wearing this type outfit for a first date will demonstrate that you are aware of all your assets and aren’t afraid of experimenting.

Wear a pair of thigh-high boots if you truly want to break his heart, is a nice way of course! The great thing about these boots is you can combine the boots with almost anything you like. Skirts, dresses, jeans, leggings and virtually anything else you can imagine, because, let’s be honest, his attention is going to be on the boots. Even if you don’t go with the boots on the first date just casually mentioning that you have a pair in your closet will drive him nuts.

Guys like style, and the renowned dinner-and-a-movie date is the perfect opportunity to put your feminine side on full display while showing that you also have class. Since you most likely won’t know the kind of restaurant he will pick for your first date, it is best to not be to extravagant when selecting an outfit. Pick something subtle, but romantic. Men love the classic outfits, like the little black dress, the tight red dress or the swishy polka-dotted dress. Heels are unavoidable for the dinner-movie date, but go with a comfortable low or medium heel shoe. Be sure to select garments which are made of finer materials and then just hope he doesn’t take you to a fast-food joint and a teen comedy flick.

It is the shoes. As hard as it is for some women to wrap their brains around, men most certainly do notice the shoes women are wearing. When asked, guys always mention the footwear, and most guys just love high heels — and the brighter the color the better.

So there you go ladies, dressing up is important. However, with all this said, every single man on the planet will tell you the same thing; if he likes the woman he doesn’t much care what she is wearing. So, while you will want to dress to impress, bear in mind the top tip to get a killer outfit for a first date is showcasing your radiant personality and killer smile if you want to knock his socks off.” – Kezia Noble Dating Consultant.