For years I bought into the advice of the established medical community when it came to treating my multiple sclerosis symptoms. Every couple of years a new drug would come to market with more benefits and supposedly fewer side effects. Some worked well and others didn’t. Each time though there was a shock to my system as my body adjusted.

I knew there had to be a better way to live. That’s when I started doing research into alternative methods of treating MS symptoms. One thing that immediately popped up was an alternative diet called the Paleo Diet. Read More →


Besides being physically and mentally debilitating, multiple sclerosis is also a significant financial burden.  In years past it was relatively easy to find coverage that helps to offset all of these costs. There were a variety of insurance plans from a number of national providers that were tailored to those with MS. The Affordable Care Read More →

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In the early stages of learning that you have a life threatening disease it can be difficult see beyond the dark cloud that often descends upon us.  The sooner you can break this spell of depression the better your life will be. One of my biggest passions in life has always been travel.  The feeling Read More →